About the CFPA

  • CFPA (former professional football players association of the Czech Republic) was established in 2010 as a result of discussions of former players about the need for more effective and professional organization of veteran football movement and also as a result of efforts to create a platform for the integration of the Czech veteran football into European structures, specifically the Association of EFPA (Sports Group of European Former Football Players Associations)..
  • In addition to the foregoing there was another reason for establishing the CFPA, which was the need to create an organization that would become sufficient and respected partner for government and business entities in order of raising funds for the functioning of veteran football movement.
  • The main result of CFPA activities is the emergence of the Czech national football team of players over 35 years old, so-called Czech Republic Masters, which was represented by more than seventy former national team players and major league players sofar. In more than 5 years this selection has played 42 mostly interstate matches with an incredible balance of 35 wins and 7 draws. Yet the Czech Republic Masters remain unbeaten.
  • Pavel Cerveny, MSc, MBA
  • CFPA General Secretary


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